Thursday, February 17, 2005


Watched Sideways last night, this wry comedy about wine, friendship and relationships. The verdict? Slightly happier than About Schmidt, though a lot of the story had to do with things and places i've never been to (California, wine-tasting and yup, more american jokes).

I'm a fan of Election and About Schmidt, but i guess this movie takes some getting used to. I guess the more general theme of friendships, loneliness and change is more subtle in this movie since a lot of jokes, references and even places aren't as widely-known as i hoped. Still, it was enjoyable movie, with a very interesting cast (Virginia Madsen and Paul Giamatti are really great!) and a great subject (wines, wines, and more wines!) Makes a "novice" drinker like me want to learn more about Pinot wines... :-D

+ + +

Wat's next? Constantine is also showing so we may schedule that pretty soon... granted, Keanu Reeves is not exactly my ideal actor for the main character, but i guess (i hope) the special effects will more than make up for it :-P

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